Benecol yogurt drinks are proven to lower cholesterol

Benecol is a cholesterol lowering functional food which contains a unique natural ingredient, called plant stanol ester.

In Hong Kong, approximately half of the people over the age of 45 suffer from high cholesterol levels. High chlesterol is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Lifestyle and dietary changes are always the first step in the prevention of CVD and should also continue even when drug treatment is initiated1-2.

One of the easiest dietary ways to lower cholesterol is starting to use Benecol® yogurt drinks, cholesterol-lowering functional foods. Plant stanol ester in Benecol inhibits cholesterol absorption in the small intestine. One drink a day is enough to lower LDL-cholesterol on average by 10% and to sustain the reduction achieved as long as the products are used daily.

Benecol yogurtdrinks lower LDL cholesterol efficiently







There are two flavors, Benecol Strawberry Yogurt drink and Benecol Blueberry Yogurt drink, easily available in all the major grocery stores. 

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2. Guideline on Lipid Management in Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease, Department of Health, February 2008