Plant stanol ester complements the effect of statin medication

In some cases, dietary and other lifestyle changes are not enough for cholesterol lowering and medication is required. Statins are the most widely used cholesterol-lowering drugs currently available. However, because statins and plant stanols have different mechanism of action, the cholesterol lowering effects of statins and Plant stanol ester in Benecol products are additive to each other. Using Benecol products can be highly recommended also for patients using statins already.

The additive cholesterol lowering effect of Plant stanol ester has been shown to persist over time in patients on continuous statin treatment.

Statins inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver. By comparison, plant stanols reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the digestive tract.  Thus combining Benecol products with statin therapy will deliver both of these effects.

Adding Benecol products to the diet of patients already on statin medication provides additional 10% effect in LDL cholesterol reduction 1-3. It means that a greater reduction of cholesterol can be achieved by combining Plant stanol ester enriched Benecol products with statin treatment rather than doubling the dose of statin, which generally produces only 6% of additional effect1, 4.

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