Efficacy proven by more than 70 clinical studies

The landmark study on plant stanol ester was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1995. Since then, over 70 clinical trials (see the Reference list) have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals showing that Plant stanol ester is effective and safe.

2 g of plant stanols per day reduces LDL cholesterol on average by 10%These studies show that a daily intake of 2 g plant stanols (as Plant stanol ester) reduces serum total and LDL cholesterol levels by an average of 10% (Fig 1), but beneficially do not have an effect on HDL cholesterol. The effect of Plant stanol ester on cholesterol levels can be seen already after 2-3 weeks' daily consumption.

Furthermore, the evidence indicates that a regular use of Plant stanol ester as part of the diet may also reduce elevated triglyceride levels.

Fast and sustained cholesterol reduction

The benefits of adding Plant stanol ester products into the ordinary diet can be seen already in two weeks. But most importantly, the effectiveness is maintained as long as Benecol products are consumed continuously on a daily basis.

Effective with different diets

Benecol products containing plant stanol ester are effective in cholesterol lowering regardless of the type of the diet they are added to. The effect is of a similar magnitude irrespective of the fat content or quality of the background diet or if the dietary cholesterol intake is high or low.

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